Our hours of operation are 6:15 am to 6:00 pm. Monday through Friday.

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Parent Guide

Clothing: Preschool can be a messy place, please remember to dress children in clothes you don’t mind getting messy. We will try to keep your children as clean as possible, but for children sometimes fun equals mess. It is very important to have all children’s outer clothing labeled so their items make it back to their cubbies. Simply placing initials on the inside tag works great. In the event your child does misplace something you can check our lost & found.

Share day: Children are allowed to bring a toy from home on Fridays to play with or share with friends. Toys from home are only allowed on Fridays. Please make sure to put your child’s name on anything that is brought from home. Toy guns and weapons are not allowed.

Naptime: We have a nap/rest time every day, each child will have a cot and blanket provided. Children are welcome to bring their own blanket, small pillow or special item from home to sleep with and keep in their cubby.

Birthdays: If you would like to bring in treats for your child’s birthday, we would love to celebrate with them. Just let us know in advance so we can incorporate them into our day.
Holidays: We celebrate holidays throughout the year with class parties and functions. Some of our celebrations include an Easter egg hunt, costumes on Halloween, a Thanksgiving feast and pictures with Santa.

Holiday Closures: Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve we close at 12:00. We also close for state holiday’s, full list is posted in preschool entrance.

Graduation: A graduation ceremony is held every June for our pre-k students entering kindergarten. We encourage parents and family to attend and share this special day.

Allergy Form: Upon enrollment you will be given an allergy form, if your child has an allergy to something please let us know. It is important we also know the severity of their allergy. If your child develops an allergy after the enrollment process please make sure to update your form.

Medication: If the need should arise that your child must take medicine while at our school we can administer medicine. You must fill out a medicine form and give it to the staff including amount to be given and how often.

Illness: In the event that your child becomes ill we will contact you to pick them up. If you cannot be reached we will then contact your emergency contacts from your emergency information form. If children have a rash are vomiting or have a fever of 100 degrees or higher they will be sent home. It is very important that you keep your emergency contacts current so that you can be reached.

Emergency Information: In the event of a medical emergency, CPR and or first aid will be administered if necessary while another member calls 911. We will then contact parents and advise of the situation.

Signing in and out: You must sign your child in and out using your full name and the time, this is a health and safety code.

Discipline Policy: We believe in positive reinforcement. When children have a conflict we take the opportunity to discuss and teach them how to properly handle the situation in the future. We also if necessary implement time out and redirection.

Biting Policy: We understand biting is a phase that most toddlers will go through. We will work with parents to get through this difficult phase. However, if a child should bite three times in one day we will call you to pick them up. Your child can then return the next day..